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Property Tax Lien NFT

Unique Exchange has created the world’s first Property Tax Lien NFT (Non-Fungible Token) NFTs are designed to represent a unique asset recorded on the blockchain and provide an irrefutable proof of ownership chain. NFTs use Smart Contract technology that enables pre-programming the terms of each asset (in this case each Tax […]

Tax Lien Investing Platform Explained

See our President & CEO, Victor Vilmont, talking about Unique Exchange platform at Investing For Success Conference. This video contains excerpts of his discussion with Joanne Musa, the renowned Tax Lien expert. A full session recording of Investing For Success Conference (3.5 hrs) that also includes interviews with four other […]

Explaining Fundamentals and Community Benefits

Explaining Fundamentals and Community Benefits: Why Tax Liens Are Not A Predatory Investment The reason I started Unique Exchange was to establish a digital exchange for the US $25B property tax lien market. Ostensibly, to make the market more liquid and efficient. Importantly, to also to allow a broader group […]

The COVID Lead Urban Exodus

The COVID Lead Urban Exodus is Creating Significant Opportunities for Property Tax Liens Investors Several major trends are driving structural change in the US real estate market today: the lowest level of interest rates in history/affordability to upgrade; companies are adapting to remote work, and lower-cost cities’ unprecedented unemployment figures/enterprises […]