Little-Known $25-Billion Market
In the US alone over $7B of new tax liens are created every year. Tax liens are offered for purchase by local governments, where each state, county, and even municipality may have special rules and schedule of how and when such sales are conducted. Only some of these sales are done online, others require in-person presence, and there is a large number of systems and sites to register with local authorities in order to access. More often than not these sales are also restricted to US residents only.


There are over $20B in outstanding prior years tax liens in circulation. While there is a process to convey tax liens from one investor to another, there is no official or centralized secondary market in existence. Today, secondary liens purchases are conducted as one-off arrangements through an informal network of buyers and sellers.


With a limited primary market and no established secondary market, Unique Exchange service was created to solve this and provide a simple one-stop access point. We developed a digital exchange and trading platform where listing, bidding, and buying of property tax liens can be done using a simple to understand interface and one-click action buttons.
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