New Jersey and Colorado sell property tax liens in October!

Why invest in Property Tax Lien?

High Yield Attractive returns for investors with average yield of 15% and shorter terms of 6-30 months depending on maturity date.

Secure Investments Tax liens are backed by the pertinent real estate assets and give the lien holder priority right to foreclose if principal and interest are not paid to the investor on time.

Government Issued It is regulated and enforced by the state and municipal governments, making it a legal investment with mandated interest and source of funds.
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Unique property tax lien platform

Streamlined Technology Solution The platform simplifies access to the buying, selling, and managing of tax liens and tax deeds, including processes to collect interest and to foreclose on the tax-delinquent property.

Global Reach Can be used and accessed by US and International qualified investors without restriction.

Process Automation Automation and self-learning AI logic to process digital, close to real-time tax lien transactions, data capture, analysis and reporting.
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Why choose Unique Exchange?

Using technology to consolidate and simplify a complex industry, we’re changing the game of investing in the high-yield, low-risk property tax liens market.
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We enable our clients to profit from unique non-conventional assets.